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  1. Case-sensitive C# semantics
    Regular Expression Helper
    By default NetKAN will look for a zip file in the release. If there are multiple zip files it'll produce an error as it doesn't know which one to use. You can use this field to provide a regular expression to filter which file to use

Must start with any of: #/ckan/spacedock/ , #/ckan/github/ , #/ckan/http/

Loading files from the index repository might be implemented later

Fields filled by the NetKAN indexer look like - you can override auto-detection by setting a value yourself. If unsure - don't override.


  1. While not technically mandatory, not providing this field is considered bad practice.
  2. Users can choose to which of these to adhere
    About valid licenses
  3. examples: ==1.0 or <=1.1>=1.0.3 - set to any (or leave empty) to state compatibility with all versions
    While not technically mandatory, not providing this field is considered bad practice.



  1. URI to the preferred landing page for the mod
  2. URI to the repository where the mod's source can be found
  3. Continuous Integration (e.g. Jenkins) Server where the module is being built
  4. URI to the mod's SpaceDock page
  5. URI to the mod's user manual if it exists
  6. URI to the mod's license
  7. URI to the mod's bugtracker if it exists (Preferred page to post problems/questions)
  8. A direct URL to a screenshot of the mod


If this mod requires other mods to be installed alongside it, use Relationships. Do not use install instructions to install multiple mods.

Selecting the .zip file on your computer will enable automatic path completion.
No data will be uploaded anywhere.

  1. Install


You can add version restrictions. For example SomeModID can be restricted like SomeModID ==1.0 or SomeModID <=1.1 >=1.0.3


  1. in case this mods is not compatible with small KSP patches/hotfixes

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